Together for SDG 6


The United Nations have identified 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to contribute to global sustainable development by 2030. Together with the reduction of poverty, hunger and inequality, access to and sustainable management of drinking water and sanitation is one of these 17 key objectives, namely SDG 6. 

For Join For Water, SDG 6 offers the frame of reference within which we carry out all of our activities in the areas of drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, but also with regard to water quality, sustainable water use and the protection of ecosystems.

Together with other Belgian, European and international organisations, we are working with the various authorities to achieve a higher priority and more resources for the realisation of this objective. After all, it is directly linked to (or even a condition for the realisation of) other SDGs: tackling hunger and poverty is only possible if everyone has access to clean drinking water. You cannot achieve gender equality if women and girls in different parts of the world spend several hours a day carrying water. Climate and water go hand in hand…