Fundraising actions

Create the right flow with your employees and your network

Organize your own Join For Water event

As a company you can easily set up your own event. Join For Water supports your initiative or inspires with great ideas.

An event offers the perfect way to show your company's commitment to the global water issue to your team, customers and network. The collective effort and the pleasure of setting up creative events together will enrich the entire company and, by extension, the world. The great memories can leave a lasting impression on social media channels.

Join For Water will be happy to help you support these events with maximum communication.

Participating with your team/company in existing events for the benefit of Join For Water

Take part in The warmest week (Music For Life); bike rides, marathons, canoe races, selling carafes... to raise funds for Join For Water. These larger events offer the opportunity to involve the general public in the global water issue and to inform them about our efforts to give everyone access to drinking water and clean toilets.

Sponsor an employee or customer participating in a Join For Water immersion trip

Join For Water organises immersion trips to the partner countries. During these trips, participants get to know the water actions of Join For Water and get to know the country better.

In addition to the travel expenses, participants are asked to raise at least €2,000 for Join For Water through sponsorship by colleagues or friends. As a result, the participation ensures a positive and involved business climate.

Before, after and during the immersion trip, your customer or employee can communicate extensively about his or her experiences via your newsletter, social media, website, or an internal learning moment.

Give a part of your salary for water

Propose to your employees to work a day for free. This can be a fixed day in the year, for example on World Water Day (22 March). Provide a nice framework or turn it into a team building moment!

So if you want to, you can donate a part of your salary for the benefit of Join For Water. The company agrees to further supplement or double the amount donated by the employees.