Although many countries in sub-Saharan Africa have placed considerable emphasis on the decentralised delivery of water and sanitation services, in practice, the definition, the planning and the design of interventions to meet the targets have seen very little involvement of the local level structures. The LMDGI international conference series is organised based on the evidence of progress, challenges and ground-breaking results at the local level. In many respects, this report explores the different facets of working with local government to overcome their peculiar challenges and work towards successfully fulfilling their responsibilities. In even deeper terms of partnerships necessary for scaling up service delivery, credible experiences were shared and lessons learned. Constraints for scaling up services can therefore be better addressed through flexible partnerships between NGOs and local governments, among others. In addition, local governments, who have not been in the business of advocacy and lobby, have committed to using these techniques to improve financing of their plans. This will include involving citizens in the planning, resource decisions and accountability. There is absolute commitment to the LMDGI and the International conference by WaterAid, local NGOs and local governments. The conference is seen to constantly unearth the core principles for working with local governments, practice and policy advocacy at national and decentralised levels, comprehensive capacity building agenda for sector actors and the innovative approaches and targeting of poor and marginalised communities.

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Werken in het water - decentralisatie